The stage is yours!

SPO 2013 Podest
Your success is my success

Your are aiming at strategical, targeted, effective and efficient communication of what you are standing for, your guiding principles, where you are headed , what to achieve, how and by when.
Together, we will bring your story to life, tell it to the point.
The stage is yours.
Whether its your next strategy conference, a keynote and discussion, interactive webcast, a blog, tweet or press release – we will find the right channels for your message and dialog, engagement, opinion leadership and motivation. You listen, understand, relate to the subject and position yourself – confident and attentive, never stopping until you build trust and enthusiasm, willingness and ability to change.
Leadership in Communication.

You rely on experience

Three decades of practical experience, daily open corporate heart surgery – strategic communication, brand leadership and marketing. That’s what I bring to the table.
As consultant, Agency MD and Partner, and as head of marketing, brand and communications in leading technology and professional services firms. Strategic and hands-on, creative and operational, thinking and doing. A seasoned professional on German and global top management levels.
Fundamental change and digital transformation are my favourite subjects.
Value-creating and values-based leadership motivate and excite me.
Communication Consulting and Professional Publishing, tailor-made for you.

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